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Daughter of God

I've taken a year off from work as a product designer and I'm now studying at a Bible School in Bergen, Norway, called Impact of Revival Europe. The other day I made a drawing of some classmates in Bible School and then the teacher prophesied about one of their identities in Christ and telling that about that there is a big angel going with her and protecting her. So I updated the sketch of her to symbolically resemble the prophesy, as a reminder to her and an encouragement to others that everyone is so valuable in God's eyes and that we should be proud about our true identity = our identity in Christ. So the angel wings is not actually her, but rather the wings of a big angel standing some distance behind her, watching her back at all times.

F1 2022 Futuristic Concept - Post-it Sketch

Finished sketch with shadows and key words:

Original Cleaned Up:

Original (Post-it) Sketch:

Old Painting from 9th class

I just found some pictures of this old painting that I did in 9th class. It was on the topic of Surrealism and I got 4 words that I was supposed to incorporate in the picture: Candle Light, Propeller, Glasses and Notes. I'm still quite happy with this painting. I'm going to try to find some more old stuff to post on the blog :)

Electric Sportscar (2020 Update)

This is an electric sports car concept that I did when I was studying that I spent some time updating for my portfolio. We had a task to get inspired by some designer from the past (I got Vladimir Tatlin) and to use his philosophy (in my case Constructionism) when sketching on some product. So this is my version of an electric sports car where the main thought is that I want to show how it work, instead of hiding everything behind a metal bodywork. Therefore it has one big part of shaded transparent plexi glass that reaches all over the car, showing both the stearing device, the cupé and the electric engine at the back. The metal part that is twisting around the coupé together with the supporting structure of metal pipes that is visible through the plexi glass acts like a roll cage/exo cage. It's just a fun concept, but it was a fun way to practice car rendering and at the same time do the assignment! I also tried two different designs, as can be seen below.

Personality Portrait Sketch

Some time ago I tried to catch a friend's personality in a sketch by trying to sketch a portrait of her from memory. I was shocked myself that it turned out so good. I can really see her in this sketch having one of her "ahaaa" moments. It's always fun to surprise yourself with skills that you didn't knew you had.