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KIA Concept Sketch

This is a concept sketch of some sort of sporty Kia model. I really liked the feeling in the original sketch, where I was just playing around with markers, starting with a bright one, and then going darker and darker, but it had some perspective problems. So I've had it laying around for a while, until I took the time to experiment with the perspective. Because the wheels already had quite different angles, indicating that the car is seen through some sort of fisheye lens, I choose to make the perspective more apparent, meaning that the closer part of the car becomes bigger and the part further away becomes smaller. Also the original sketch had a sort of backwards tilting, which I tried to correct.

When making the original sketch I imagined that it would be a quite small, sporty, SUV inspired car, so in the correction process, using the tool Liquify in Photoshop, I also made the whole car feel a bit smaller, to become closer to my original vision. Sketching is only a tool to concretize ones imagination and to find new ideas, so if the end result is close to what you had in mind, it doesn't really matter what your process looked like to get you there, even it could feel like cheating. In the end Photoshop is also a sketch tool, just like paper and pen is. One thing that does matters is time consumtion and because of that it is always good to keep on improving your sketching skills until you find the fastest way to work, where you don't need to correct the perspective of every sketch, which can often be quite time consuming.

Corrected Sketch (using Liquify tool in Photoshop)

Original Sketch

Muji Shuttle Bus - Improved Concept

This is just a simple version of how to make Muji's new Autonomous Shuttle Bus concept a little bit more exciting, in my oppinion. I like their minimalistic approach, but at the same time I think it looks a bit too much like a retro tram.

Potential Improvements Include:
- Slightly longer/lower proportions
- Glass all the way down on the doors
- White rims (could of course easily become dirty if used in an outdoor, slushy/wet/dusty environment, but at least something could be done to improve and clean up the design of the rims.)

Maybe in the future, since the vehicles are autonomous, each vehicle will be cleaned and serviced during every night, which could open up for a more dirt sensitive design. Possibly in the future every vehicle could be put together autonomously of different modules for each day depending on what prerequisites that particular day has like weather, time of the year, amount of travelers, what function each specific shuttle will have... This almost sounds like the base of an entire new concept. If I only had the time...

Improved Concept

Original Concept (Made by Muji)

Gokart Event Picture

I'm hosting a small gokart event (of around 10 people) together with two friends and yesterday it was time to create a Facebook event for the race. Of course I felt we needed a proper event poster, so I spent unreasonable much time yesterday evening to put together an extremely over worked racing infused image with the theme "Extra Everything" at the expense of less is more thinking, inspired by the name of the race preset that we choose from the gokart place's (Göteborgs Gokartcenter) offers - "Maxi Race". I used some pictures that we took some years ago when we had a similar event + some gokart/F1/racing related images from google and some other images. To quote the guitar virtuoso from Sweden (originally), Yngwie Malmsteen, who is world famous for being a pioneer in playing super fast guitar solos: In this case I choose to go with the mindset "More is more". Sometimes I just feel that is much more fun even if the end result often just becomes a mess! :)

"People kept on telling me to slow down, you know, they said "hey slow down, remember less is more" I always said "How can that be? How can less be more, it's impossible! More is more!"
/Yngwie Malmsteen

Time: 3-4 hours

The image consist of the following images + some good old Photoshop Magic:

(Me in the top right corner)

Sketching in Porto Old Town/Castle Area, Portugal

This is a sketch from a vacation in Portugal. When you are backpacking with two other designers, how can you avoid to have a sketch session in the beautiful Old town/castle area in Porto, Portugal's 2nd largest city?

Drawing Game - After Work Activity

Last week me and a colleague got the task to prepare some fun games and activities for the Summer Party after work that we had at the office. One of the things we did was this game, which we called "Digital Rumors". It meant that we prepared a Wacom Cintiq screen and a Photoshop document with different white layers. Then we choose a picture that the first participant should look at for 10 seconds before he or she unhides the first white layer and starts drawing the picture again from memory. Then the next person looks 10 seconds at the previous person's sketch, before he or she unhides the next white layers and tries to draw the previous image from memory. This means that the image very quickly gets distorted and in our case the "animal" even changes kind multiple times and at one point even changes direction. The activity turned out to be very successful and appreciated, but I think we had a bit too high expectations on our participants when choosing picture...

To see the result of the game, check out the GIF below. The pictures are presented last drawing first and the original last:

ÅF Hockey League Logo

We have a table hockey game at the office and having a 5 min game, or sometimes two, is a good way to reset the energy and the focus in the afternoon when productivity starts to go down. Now and then we arrange small tournaments and/or afterworks, or even join bigger competitions like the international compatition Swedish Masters, and I decided to design a logo/picture for these internal events. ÅFHL means ÅF Hockey Leauge and is ofcourse inspired by NHL. ÅF is the name of the company that I work for and it's one of Sweden's biggest technique consultancy bureus. The abbreviation means "ÅngpanneFöreningen" which comes from how the company started in 1895 and means "Steam boiler association" (aming at steam-engine locomotives). I put together 3 images that I found online: One of hockey game players, one of a real Finnish hockey goalie and one with a goalie looking straight into the camera. Then I played around a bit, making the image look more painted, by smudging out the edges. I think the result became really nice and it actually turned out to be a good Photoshop exercise.

Future Container Handler Concept Sketches

Here are some sketches from a project that I do when I have time between assignments at work. However, lately I have not had much time to work on it, because since we (ÅF Design) moved together with the UX/Service design company Inuse in the beginning of this year there is always something to fix in the office, like unpacking, setting up the workshop, putting together reference cases for our shared work in progress online project portfolio a.s.o. However, when everything is done I believe we at Inuse will be one of the strongest players within the design world in Sweden and be able to cover almost all major areas of design because of our good mix of competences.

Model Making Course - Computer Mouse

Recently I found some PU (Polyurethane) foam models from my time at the BA Programme in Industrial Design, Umeå Institute of Design. This was one of our first courses where we learned to use the school's amazing workshop and in this particular part of the course the objective was to learn how to work with PU foam and also to get a taste of how it can be to sketch in 3D. First I did some sketch models made from one of the softer versions of PU foam and then I choose my favorite and made a final version in a harder foam, which I also painted to more or less resemble what the final look could be.

Toilet Art - Tesla in Space

In the main toilet of the designstudio we have created a culture where people paint and write things on the walls, which is quite nice and can give you an extra smile during the day when you see something new up there. The other day I saw that someone had added a rocket booster to a house made by someone else, so since Elon Musk launched his Falcon Heavy rocket, carrying his private car into space not too long ago, I couldn't resist adding a Tesla on the top of the "rocket-house".

Equipment: Thick White Ink Pen
Time: 5 min

Me on the Inside

This is a sketch to illustrate my personality when it comes to food. I might not look like this in reality, but underneath the surface it's not too far off. I sketched it on a post-it patch and originally put it on a colleague's empty food box together with another post-it saying "Thx!" after she asked me if I wanted to eat it, since she had forgotten it in the work fridge. But then I kind of fell in love with this overweight version of me and now I keep him taped to my desktop lamp at my workplace.

Equipment: Blue Ballpoint pen, a Black felt pen and a post-it patch
Time: 10 min