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Practising rendering in Photoshop. This trophy was used in an online F1 Leauge in a game that is now unfortunatly shut down. (It has nothing to do with the trophy sketch I posted some weeks ago..)

Equipment: Photoshop CS5
Time: Insanely long, because it took alot of time to learn all the new tools I learned how to use!

Equipment: Copic Marker, C1, C3, C5, C7, Pilot V-Sign, Photoshop CS6
Time: -

Equipment: Prisma color Verithin, Pilot Fineliner 1mm, Pilot 4mm
Time: 2 hours

Designing a trophy for a Formula 1 online tournament.

Equipment: Pilot fineliner 1mm, Pilot 4mm
Time: 25min

Sketching in Gothenburg with a friend and then playing around with the "curves" in photoshop

Equipment: Pilot Fineliner 1mm, Pilot 4mm
Time: 1hour

Playing with my favourite toy: The Wacom Cintiq.

Equipment: Wacom Cintiq (Photoshop CS6)
Time: Unknown... (which means much longer than I want to admit)

Here is the result from playing around in Photoshop for a while. I wanted to challenge myself to create something as photorealistic as I could and I'm quite pleased with the result.

Equipment: Wacom Pen and Touch (Photoshop CS5)
Time: 1 hour

If you gotta sketch, you gotta sketch, even if you're in a bumpy car...

Equipment: Pilot Ballpoint pen
Time: 30min

This is me

So this is me, or correctly speaking transparent pieces, taken from 6 different pictures of myself, put together.. I study at Umeå University of design and is on the way of fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional designer. My opinion is that the best designers know how to have fun while sketching and really that's what this blog is all about. Here I will post all sorts of creations, quick sketches, renderings, computermade sketches, handmade sketches, some schoolrelated work, other stuff made just for fun and probably alot of crappy dumps, which I will look back at in 5 years time and wish I never took the time to upload... Anyway, I do this because I want to show my progress and my development as a designer and hopefully inspire someone to find the joy in sketching along the way. Please ENJOY!