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Quick old-school F1 car sketch

Equipment: Black Pilot ballpoint pen, 1.6 mm
Time: 10 min.

Peugeot Onyx Sketch and rendering

This is the result of a thursday night's work. I feel I am starting to become more and more "fluent" in Photohsop and I'm very pleased with how the rendering turned out! You can tell that I have been correcting the sketch, using the liquify tool, quite alot before adding shades and color, which is something I aim to do less in the future.

Pic 1
Equipment: Black Pilot ballpoint pen, 1,6 mm.
Time: 35 min.

Pic 2
equipment: Scanned in sketch and Photoshop CS5.
Time: One night ;)

Small car three quarter view sketch

I'm starting too feel quite comfident about the three quarter view now. Still alot to learn though...

Equipment: Blue fineliner
Time: 35 min