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Electric Sportscar

In our Design history course we had a task to get inspired by some designer from the past (in my case Vladimir Tatlin) and to use his philosophy (in my case Constructionism) when sketching on some product. So this is my version of an electric sports car where the main thought is that I want to show how it work, instead of hiding everything behind a metal bodywork. Therefore it has one big part of shaded transparent plexi glass that reaches all over the car, showing both the stearing device, the cupé and the electric engine at the back. The metal part that is twisting around the coupé together with the supporting structure of metal pipes that is visible through the plexi glass acts like a roll cage/exo cage. It's just a loose concept, but it was a fun way to practise car rendering and at the same time do the assignment!

Equipment: Cintiq, Photoshop CS5
Time: From blank paper, with pretty much no idea of the design till finished render - about 10 hours.

Lecture Dump...

"I listen good when I sketch" is always a good excuse for sketching in class ;)

Equipment: Biq ballpoint pen
Time: 1 hour

Water Can collection sketches

I'm doing a short project where I'm designing a collection with mainly water cans and glass. The main idea is to use an almost circular bottom, but slightly square shaped, and to use a wooden bottom, a chromed ring and then glass. I'm not really happy with the handle, so I will continue sketching some before I go into 3D (using Rhino and Keyshot).

I could also mention that I have just got two new sets of Copic Markers (Copic 12pc Cool Gray Set and Copic 12pc Pastel Coulors Set) as a gift from Shift Design and Strategy, a design agency in Gothenburg where I did my 10 week internship. So I'm very thrilled to practice more with markers and finally learn how to use them properly!

Equipment: Biq ballpoint pen, Copic Markers, E13, E31, BV31
Time: 10 min per sketch

Indigo Car Sketching

After sketching nothing but circles and cubes for one and a half hour I couln't mind drawing a car, using the new ellipse techniques I just learned from our sketchteacher from Volvo Trucks. The best tip I got was to hold my underarm in the same direction as the centerline when doing the ellipses. That helps them get tilted in the right direction. Still far from an easy task!!

Equipment: Verithing - Indigo blue 
Time: 30 min