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Range Rover Evoque Backpack Concept

I'm currently working on a Project for school, where the assignment is to design a backpack inspired by the Range Rover Evouque (Google it if you don't know what it looks like. VERY nice car!). The teacher of the project is Tony Catignani and so far it has been a really fun project. Underneath the sketch/rendering is a rough clay model, which I am going to go down and try to finish now. It will be a late night, but at the same time the work is very rewarding when I've gotten this far into the Project!

Somehow I can get just as much done in one hour in the night as I can in three hours in the morning... Hmmm.. I wonder why...

If you want to see the whole project, please have a look in my portfolio at:

Equipment: Clay, Wacom Cintiq (Photoshop Cs5)
Time: Unknown

Volvo Computer Mouse Concept Sketches

I have been just 5 min away from leaving school for 4 hours now... But I just can't get enough of school's Cintiqs! Here is one of my Creations, a sketch of my Volvo Computer Mouse Concept, which I'm currently working with for my portfolio.

equipment: Wacom Cintiq (Photoshop CS5)