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Another Friday Night at School...

Starting the semester by staying late in school on the first friday night.. But I guess that's how it should be when you are in to your 3rd and final year, that it's so fun so you can't let go of your work and go home until midnight..

Equipment: Pilot ballpoint pen (m), Copic Markers C0-C9 and Black, Photoshop CS6 (For adding some contrast and fixing the perspective a bit)
Time: 1 hour, 30 min

Summer Sketching

Equipment: Pilot Ballpointpen (m), Copic Markers
Time: 30 min

Equipment: Copic Markers C0-C9
Time: 15 min

Equipment: Pilot ballpointpen (m), Copic Marker C0,C2
Time: 15 min

Trying my best to take some time to sit inside sketching in the wonderful sommer weather that we have had all summer in Gothenburg. It's not much, but atleast I have done something to keep my sketching alive!