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Joystick ideas...

Here is some konceptual sketches for a joystick that we are developing in School (UID) together with Ålö, the world leading manufacturer of front loaders for tractors. These sketches are mostly made to visualise some ideas of a wireless joystick that I had and there is really no thought what so ever about ergonomics or usability. That will come later in the project. The reason why I played so much with the form is two things. 1. I want to have like a pallet of joystick related shapes that I can take inspiration from when sketching for the final joystick concept once we get there and 2. I think it's so fun that I can't resist putting some effort into the sketches. Actually this can be a problem because sometimes I have to be able to work quick and not care about how the sketches look. This is somthing I have to get better at and I have already come a long way. I think it's much about confidence in sketching. Once I get confident enough in my skills I won't bother if a couple of quick sketches looks like crap. 

Equipment: Pilot ballpoint pen, Pilot V-Sign Pen
Time: About 15-20 minutes per sketch.

Just playing around with some very quick and experimental joystick shapes. There was absolutely no real thought behind these sketches, they are more a result of just playing around with a black ink pen and seeing what it becomes.. I kind of like this quick loose style though.

Equipment: Pilot V-Sign Pen
Time: 10 min (about 2 min a sketch)

BMW Sketch

I'm trying to alternate different styles and different equipment, to always keep improving my sketches. For now more detailed ballpointsketches together with this kind of quicker ink sketches works really well together, because even though I prefere ballpoint this pen forces you to be quick, which is a really good exercise for me!

Equipment: Pilot V-Sign pen + Photoshop CS6 (using the liquify tool to correct some perspective issues and the Image>Adjustments>Exposure settings to get the right contrast and to get the background crisp white)
Time: 15 min

... or with BIG Steeve's brother!

Another woodcutting machine.. I've realized that it gives the viewer a very good feeling of how big an object is if there is another smaller object next to it that the eye is used to seeing. For example a hand, a man or a car... just something that the object can be seen in relation to.

Equipment: Pilot V-Sign Pen
Time: 15 min

You don't mess with BIG Steeve!

Doing some durty quick conceptual sketches of woodshopping machines. I find it really relaxing and also very fun to work with this kind of pen and to sketch this kind of imaginary vehicles.

Equipment: Pilot V-Sign Pen
Time: 30 min

Ballpoint Fisheye Car Sketch

I've been working really hard now with my car sketching the last 2 years and I'm super thrilled to finally see that I'm starting to get close to where I want to be. And in this case I didn't even have to correct the perspective in Photoshop, so I'm really happy!

Equipment: Pilot ballpointpen (1,0mm)
Time: 1 Hour