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Car Sketch step by step guide

This is a good example of how I use the awesome Photoshop tool Liquify to improve my sketches. The plan was really to end there, but I started playing with adding shades and I think the end result turned out really nice, as well as the sketch. Hopefully I can learn this style so I can use it more often.

Equipment: Blue Pilot ballpoint pen
Time: 1h

Equipment: Blue Pilot ballpoint pen, Photoshop CC (liquify tool)
Time: 1h 15min

Equipment: Blue Pilot ballpoint pen, Photoshop CC
Time: 1h 35min

Equipment: Photoshop CC
Time: 20min
I'm trying to get back to sketching more regularly because I see how big difference it makes, even in my professional projects. This sketch is simply a matter of starting with a white paper, no specific inspiration or other sketches, just drawing something from my imagination and experimenting with form until I find something interesting. That is why the sketch is quite messy and maybe a bit over worked. But design wise I'm quite happy.

Equipment: Green Bic ballpoint pen
Time: 1 hour