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Sci-fi Life Drawing

This is what happend after I got bored in the life drawing class last week. I took a loose sketch where the proportions seemed ok and then I just played around, inspired of some kind of Sci-fi style. 

Equipment: Pilot V-sign and just a random red pen I found on the table... Photoshop CS6, for adding the gray
Time: 1 min ground porportions, 30 min building on the sketch and 15 min adding grayness in Photoshop

MC Sketch

Equipment: Black Copic marker and Photoshop CS6 (Cleaing away 
some dirt and correcting some small perspective issues with Liquify)
Time: 30 min

Equipment: Black Copic marker
Time: 15 min per sketch

Finishing the day by just sketching some random forms, which eventually turned into a motorcycle. I found something interesting in the 2nd sketch and I took inspiration from that and did a third which I put a bit more effort in.

Joystick ideas...

Here is some konceptual sketches for a joystick that we are developing in School (UID) together with Ålö, the world leading manufacturer of front loaders for tractors. These sketches are mostly made to visualise some ideas of a wireless joystick that I had and there is really no thought what so ever about ergonomics or usability. That will come later in the project. The reason why I played so much with the form is two things. 1. I want to have like a pallet of joystick related shapes that I can take inspiration from when sketching for the final joystick concept once we get there and 2. I think it's so fun that I can't resist putting some effort into the sketches. Actually this can be a problem because sometimes I have to be able to work quick and not care about how the sketches look. This is somthing I have to get better at and I have already come a long way. I think it's much about confidence in sketching. Once I get confident enough in my skills I won't bother if a couple of quick sketches looks like crap. 

Equipment: Pilot ballpoint pen, Pilot V-Sign Pen
Time: About 15-20 minutes per sketch.

Just playing around with some very quick and experimental joystick shapes. There was absolutely no real thought behind these sketches, they are more a result of just playing around with a black ink pen and seeing what it becomes.. I kind of like this quick loose style though.

Equipment: Pilot V-Sign Pen
Time: 10 min (about 2 min a sketch)

BMW Sketch

I'm trying to alternate different styles and different equipment, to always keep improving my sketches. For now more detailed ballpointsketches together with this kind of quicker ink sketches works really well together, because even though I prefere ballpoint this pen forces you to be quick, which is a really good exercise for me!

Equipment: Pilot V-Sign pen + Photoshop CS6 (using the liquify tool to correct some perspective issues and the Image>Adjustments>Exposure settings to get the right contrast and to get the background crisp white)
Time: 15 min

... or with BIG Steeve's brother!

Another woodcutting machine.. I've realized that it gives the viewer a very good feeling of how big an object is if there is another smaller object next to it that the eye is used to seeing. For example a hand, a man or a car... just something that the object can be seen in relation to.

Equipment: Pilot V-Sign Pen
Time: 15 min

You don't mess with BIG Steeve!

Doing some durty quick conceptual sketches of woodshopping machines. I find it really relaxing and also very fun to work with this kind of pen and to sketch this kind of imaginary vehicles.

Equipment: Pilot V-Sign Pen
Time: 30 min

Ballpoint Fisheye Car Sketch

I've been working really hard now with my car sketching the last 2 years and I'm super thrilled to finally see that I'm starting to get close to where I want to be. And in this case I didn't even have to correct the perspective in Photoshop, so I'm really happy!

Equipment: Pilot ballpointpen (1,0mm)
Time: 1 Hour

Car render - Woody

Just having fun with some markers. :)

Equipment: Pilot V Sign (black) Copic Markers (C3,C2,C1 and two brown colors + some blue) Photoshop CS6 - for some minor corrections of the perspective.
Time: 2 hours

Car sketch - Audi

Here is a car render I did the other day. I feel like I am in a sketching period now where I really want to learn how to better describe a car's bending surfaces. Still got some way to go..

Equipment: Black Verithin and Pilot V-sign pen, Photoshop CS6 (Liquify tool to correct the perspective slightly)
Time: 1,5 hours

Another Friday Night at School...

Starting the semester by staying late in school on the first friday night.. But I guess that's how it should be when you are in to your 3rd and final year, that it's so fun so you can't let go of your work and go home until midnight..

Equipment: Pilot ballpoint pen (m), Copic Markers C0-C9 and Black, Photoshop CS6 (For adding some contrast and fixing the perspective a bit)
Time: 1 hour, 30 min

Summer Sketching

Equipment: Pilot Ballpointpen (m), Copic Markers
Time: 30 min

Equipment: Copic Markers C0-C9
Time: 15 min

Equipment: Pilot ballpointpen (m), Copic Marker C0,C2
Time: 15 min

Trying my best to take some time to sit inside sketching in the wonderful sommer weather that we have had all summer in Gothenburg. It's not much, but atleast I have done something to keep my sketching alive!

Telephone Sketch

As I was speaking to my girlfirend the other night I just started playing around in Photoshop and came up with this during the phone call. (Yes our calls can be quite long..) Sometimes the sketches can actually improve when you're not really trying. After that I just experimented with the car in photoshop and came up with the 2nd image. It's always good to explore new styles!

Equipment: Photoshop CS6
Time: 45 minutes (for the sketch)

Information Station Creation...

Still sketching for the Swedavia project. Here is more or less the final design and I'm soon gonna start model it in Rhino so I can get som kickass renderings for my finish presentation images. Meanwhile I will be sketching on the graphical interface of the map over the airport. So plenty to do in 6 days till the final presentation!!

Equipment: Copic Markers C2, C4, C6, C9, B21, Bleedproof Letraset paper, Photoshop CS6 (Liquify to fix some small bending of some curves and adjusting the "curves" in the layers menu to get some more contrast)
Time: 45 min/sketch

Stilleben - "Bullen"

I was looking through some old stuff and found this "still life" (Stilleben in swedish) that I did when applying to the Industrial Design program in Umeå 2 years ago. I remember sitting down and starting drawing it around 9 pm and then I worked on it 5-6 hours straight till it was done. Easily worth it since I got in to the program!

Equipment: Lead pencil, starting to sketch with the harder ones and then finishing off with the softer.
Time: 5-6 hours

Swedavia sketching

Here is some sketches on some ideas that I have for the current project that we're doing for Swedavia, the owner of all swedish airports. I feel that I'm starting to become friendly with my markers now and I have found a style that I think works fine for me when I'm doing quick ideations sketches. I start with a quite transparent marker, like in this case C2, and then after I feel happy with the proportions and the form I take the black marker and trace the lines that I like. It's almost impossible to see any of the C2 lines when it's done, so that enables me to be very loose and do alot of errors with the C2 that I can save with the stronger markers. I ususally apply color last, but in some cases it can mix abit with the black, so if you really wanna be sure, you can apply color directly on the C2 base. It's not even close as important as it is if you are sketching the base with ballpoint though! I finished the sketches by scanning them into Photoshop and moving them around a bit + using the superbe tool called liquify

Equipment: Copic markers: C2, C4, 100(Black) + colours
Time: 5-10 min/sketch

Electric Sportscar

In our Design history course we had a task to get inspired by some designer from the past (in my case Vladimir Tatlin) and to use his philosophy (in my case Constructionism) when sketching on some product. So this is my version of an electric sports car where the main thought is that I want to show how it work, instead of hiding everything behind a metal bodywork. Therefore it has one big part of shaded transparent plexi glass that reaches all over the car, showing both the stearing device, the cupé and the electric engine at the back. The metal part that is twisting around the coupé together with the supporting structure of metal pipes that is visible through the plexi glass acts like a roll cage/exo cage. It's just a loose concept, but it was a fun way to practise car rendering and at the same time do the assignment!

Equipment: Cintiq, Photoshop CS5
Time: From blank paper, with pretty much no idea of the design till finished render - about 10 hours.

Lecture Dump...

"I listen good when I sketch" is always a good excuse for sketching in class ;)

Equipment: Biq ballpoint pen
Time: 1 hour

Water Can collection sketches

I'm doing a short project where I'm designing a collection with mainly water cans and glass. The main idea is to use an almost circular bottom, but slightly square shaped, and to use a wooden bottom, a chromed ring and then glass. I'm not really happy with the handle, so I will continue sketching some before I go into 3D (using Rhino and Keyshot).

I could also mention that I have just got two new sets of Copic Markers (Copic 12pc Cool Gray Set and Copic 12pc Pastel Coulors Set) as a gift from Shift Design and Strategy, a design agency in Gothenburg where I did my 10 week internship. So I'm very thrilled to practice more with markers and finally learn how to use them properly!

Equipment: Biq ballpoint pen, Copic Markers, E13, E31, BV31
Time: 10 min per sketch

Indigo Car Sketching

After sketching nothing but circles and cubes for one and a half hour I couln't mind drawing a car, using the new ellipse techniques I just learned from our sketchteacher from Volvo Trucks. The best tip I got was to hold my underarm in the same direction as the centerline when doing the ellipses. That helps them get tilted in the right direction. Still far from an easy task!!

Equipment: Verithing - Indigo blue 
Time: 30 min

Jewelery Project Part 2

This is an example of how the bracelet could look when it's used in an eveyday situation. One tap on it's surface will show you the time and two taps will start the music player. 

Jewelery Project Part1

This is a short, conceptual jewelery project that I have been working on last days for school. In its original mode it's a necklace and a bracelet, both covered by a thin screen that can project all sorts patterns, images and animations. The bracelet's screen also has a touch function on it's upper side and the built in musicplayer is activated from this touchscreen. So when the user wan't to listen to music he/she doubletaps the bracelet (one tap shows only the time) and splits the necklace, which is really two earphones joined together by magnets. The earphones are wirelessly connected to the bracelet, which in turn can be both charged and connected to other units (e.g. computers) wirelessly.

This concept was a way for me to play with the thought of what can be done if we in the future will have better and smaller batteries. All other materials and functions are available already today.

Equipment: Photoshop CS5, Wacom Cintiq
Time: A couple of hours..

BMW MC sketch

After having been to the Motorcycle Exhibition in Gothenburg last week I just had to sketch a bike! Since bikes are not what I usually sketch I watched a photo of a BMW bike that I like and tried to take inspiration from that. Quite happy with the result, even though it looked better when it was more half finished... Anyway, a great marker exercise 

Equipment: Pilot ballpointpen, Markers: C1, C3, C5, C7, C9, Y19, B23, B37
Time: 3 hours

Ideation Sketching

Here are some sketches for a project about jewelery that I'm working on. It's not pretty to look at, but when you are in the early parts of a design process, speed is of much more importance than tight sketches. (I couldn't resist to put some effort in sketching an ear though..) I have also started to realize that "quick" many times look better than "perfection" and it's a fine balance to find the area where it's sketchy, but not too sketchy or too stiff.

To be continued...

Equipment: Black ballpointpen
Time: Just enough to put my ideas on the paper.. (I might have put 10 min on the ear though)

Quick sportscar sketches

Trying to loosen up a bit by using a thicker pen than what I normally use. A very good exercise because the
pen forces you to work quick or the sketch will become very messy straight away! (The sketches are not ment to be the same car..)

Pic 1
Equipment: Pilot V Sign pen
Time: 5 min

Pic 2
Equipment: Pilot V Sign pen
Time: 10 min effective work, 10 min playing around and filling in lines