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Thesis work teaser

I have not been able to upload very much lately because of very intense work with my thesis work (BA in industrial design). Here is a teaser of the end result, but it's still not completely finished. In short it's an autonomus baggage train that transports baggage on airports. It's floor is divided into 5 conveyor belts that means that the vehicle can load and unload the bags completely without manual lifting. While doing my concept I have been collaborating with Swedavia (owner of most Swedish airports), TYA (Transportfackens Yrkes och Arbetsmiljönämnd) and Aviator (a ground handling company at Arlanda, Sweden's biggest airport). I will upload more sketches and images from the process when I get time. Right now I'm working very hard on making the last design decisions and building the model. So stay tuned to see more!

Equipment: Rhino (3D CAD software), Keyshot (3D rendering software) and Photoshop CS6.
Time: Probably around 50 hours in CAD (much of it spent on experimenting or learning the software properly), 1 hour in Keyshot and 4 hours Photoshop.

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