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Shaver Sketching in Amsterdam

Below is a sketch that I did during a short sketch session in a hotel lobby in Amsterdam this summer, on the way to Portugal. The hotel host must have liked it because he asked if they could keep the sketch and put it on the wall. So if you are passing by a hotel called ABBA in Amsterdam, go in and have a look if you can find the original.

I was traveling with two close friends from high school (Polhemsgymnasiet, Gothenburg) Björn Grauers (in the middle) and Magnus Carlsson (to the right). It's really interesting to hang out with them nowadays because we all have choosen to continue our post high school studies with some sort of industrial design education, Magnus is now studying his 4th year in the Industrial Design Engineering masters education at Chalmers in Gothenburg, Björn is studying his 3rd year in the bachelor programme in industrial design at Konstfack in Stockholm and I recently graduated from the bachelor programme in industrial design at Umeå Institute of Design. I believe that these 3 educations are all top notch when it comes to Swedish industrial design educations, but with the big difference that the Chalmers students becomes engineers with skills in design while the students at Konstfack and Umeå becomes industrial designers and not engineers. It's really interesting to sit down with Björn and Magnus and get to hear what the differences are between the three educations and also to learn from each other, since we all get different competences and expertise.

The Picture is taken in Porto, Portugal this summer (2015) 

Equipment: A black fine liner pen
Time: 30 min

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