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Quick White Board Pen Sketches

Staying over at work after I finished my hours to sketch some cars before going home. Often speed is the key to success when searching for shapes and I think I found some interesting lines to build on in these quick sketches. After wrestling with the proportions of the lower sketch for a while I scanned the sketch and kept on experimenting with the proportions in Photoshop. After a while I think I found some more balanced proportions. Hopefully I will find time to keep developing these sketches into finished renderings. My guess is that the quickest sketch will result in the best design, but I think it's hard to know for sure until I see the finished renderings in front of me.

Equipment: Green whiteboard pen
Time: 4/5/25 min 

Equipment: Green whiteboard pen + Photoshop CC (Tool: Liquify)
Time: 4/5/25 min + 1 hour

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