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Retro F1 Car Sketch

A retro F1 car sketch that I found in my computer from probably the 2nd year in Umeå, when I used to do a lot of sketching in the evenings after school. One thing that is both good and bad with sketching on a checked paper is that it really limits what you can do afterwards in Photoshop because it will be very obvious if I would use for example Liquify to correct perspective errors. The good thing is that it makes the sketch more credible, that the picture is actually what the sketch really looked like on the paper, even though this also could be faked in Photoshop if someone really would like to do it...

I don't consider enhancing the sketch afterwards in Photoshop with tools like Liquify, or painting over some lines and dots with a white brush, cheating since it's just another tool that designers can use when designing. It's more effective to fix some small perspective error in a sketch than to do a whole new sketch, but of course the goal is always to make the sketch as good as possible already on the paper.

Equipment: Ballpoint pen
Time: 1 Hour

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