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Backpack Sketching Exercise

Doing some product sketching to practice my skills and to give ÅF some more sketch material that is not under secrecy so we can show it in presentations or to new customers. The idea was to try to design two different sorts of backpacks, which would belong to the same product family and have the same form language. For this project I did everything in the computer, actually only in Photoshop, because I think it is interesting to have some variations between each project. In one I might be working a lot with markers and/or ballpoint pen and in the next I'll work almost entirely in the computer. For me, this brings more variety to my work, which makes it more fun and ultimately makes me more creative. I strongly believe that you get different ideas when sketching in different mediums.

Equipment: Photoshop CC, Wacom Cintiq
Time: Hard to say since I spent much time experimenting and redoing to find the final design, but the quicker sketches was made within 10-20 min

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